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With the help of the Alberta Government IRP, we are constantly upgrading and modifying canals and pipelines to deliver your water efficiently. Here are some projects that we have finished, working on, or coming up. 

Mapping the District

The mapping of the District conveyance systems has been completed with the exception of recent pipeline installations. These will be updated and entered into the mapping software in the spring of 2015.

Substantial Completion - June 30, 2014

Landowners: B Archibald, R Archibald, L&S Bishop, Hengerer Farms, T Shipley, Thompson Colony, Riverside Colony, N Dodd

Acres Irrigated: 1816.00
Estimated Cost: $1,723,576.67 as of December 31, 2014

Cost/Acre: $1019.82

History Book

The history of the United Irrigation District was completed in 2013. The project was extensive but rewarding. Some financial assistance was received from the Alberta Government which was appreciated. The book is available at the UID office for $25.00 which is the cost of printing the publication. We encourage you to get a copy. 

LATERAL D3 - IRP 2158 

(2 km west of Glenwood to east of Glenwood).

Substantially Completed: December 31, 2014


Landowners: Archibald, Bishop, L/C Lybbert, C/D Layton, Jensen, Smith, Lybbert/Edwards, Thomas, W/C Layton


Acres Irrigated: 560.75

Estimated Finished Cost: $458,730.75

Cost/Acre: $818.00

Substantial Completion October 1, 2015

​(Part of the UID Seepage Control Plan)

Landowners:  Hengerer Farms,D/D Hunsperger

Acres Irrigated: 172.66
Estimated Finished Cost: $109,000.00
Cost/Acre: $747.13

Lateral E - IRP Project No. 2263 

(5.5 km west of Glenwood running east to Hwy 810).

Contruction began in 2014 and is now nearly complete

(Part of the UID Seepage Control Plan)

Landowners: Barfuss, Merrill, Beck, Rice, Layton, Fox, Porter, Cherniawsky, Hengerer Farms Ltd.


Acres Irrigated: 563.49

Estimated Cost: $902,000

Cost/Acre: $1,600.74

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